Arc Readers Needed!!! – Closed

The ARC Reader List is now closed!

I am finally opening up an ARC reader list for the upcoming Dark Fantasy Romance Novel Series – Underwater: The Aurora Chronicles!!! As I always say, better late than never, am I right?

What is an ARC Reader?

Unless you are in the indie writer community, you may not know what all of our mumbo jumbo fancy verbiage is. That is just A-OK because I am going to explain it all to you right here!

ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy.

What this means is an author who has an upcoming novel will lend out a free copy of their book, for a limited period of time, to a select number of people in exchange for an honest review when the book goes live.

What is required of you, if you decide to become an ARC reader for this author, is that you will read their story within the time frame they need you to read it. Once you have finished reading it, you will then be sent an email asking a few basic questions and will be asked to write an honest review on any and all sites available to you, such as Amazon, Goodreads, Social Media feeds, etc.

How will I know if I’ll like the story?

First off, you want to make sure you are a good fit for the author you are thinking about becoming an ARC reader for. How do you do this? Look at the synopsis for that story. What is it about? Does the blurb intrigue you? (In case you are wondering, the blurb is the quick story info on the back of the book). Is it in a genre you typically read in? Those are all going to be great ways you can decide if that author will be a good fit for your style of reading.

So, what’s your book about?

That’s a great question! I’m happy you asked! lol.

As I said above, this is a Dark Fantasy Romance Series which will feature dark aesthetics throughout the story. This means there will be dark undertones of death and dying, blood and gore, fighting, dealing with depression, and so much more, all woven within action, adventure, and romance. It is jam packed with magical systems (because a fantasy novel NEEDS magic!) and strife in more ways than one.

You will love this story, if you like:

  • Fantasy Worlds
  • Magic
  • Soul Mates
  • Dark Aesthetics
  • Elements of Horror
  • Adventure
  • Snarky Banter
  • Slow Burn Romance

Now, for the blurb of this story to wrap it all up for you:

Royal bloodlines. Dangerous Enemies. Secret Powers. And a battle torn world. Does that sound like something your family should keep from you? Well, mine did. How did I find out you ask? By walking face first into their dangerous double life and into a deadly destiny I couldn’t talk my way out of.

Hi. My name is Aurora Marie Walker.

For three years, I’ve been ghosting through this half-life of mine in sunny San Diego, after my parents and oldest brother Tanner perished in a deadly accident. They left me and my two older brothers – Garrett and Ryder – behind to pick up the pieces. Instead of moving on, we moved away from Brookings, Oregon with my best friend Kate in tow, hoping to put the past behind us.

However, the past didn’t want to let me go. You see, I have a secret I’m ashamed of. A secret my mother told me to hide from everyone, including my brothers. A secret that will not allow me to let go of the past.

Tired of being tormented by their memory and this secret, I needed to point my truck north to go home and find closure – alone.

Instead, I found anything but closure, and learned I was anything but alone.

What is your criteria to become an ARC Reader?

It is super simple because I am a simple gal.

All ARC copies will be emailed on Monday, September 19th at 10:45 am PST with a special, one-time, downloadable link that will be unique to you.

I will need you to be able to commit to finish reading it within 2 weeks, before Oct. 1st.

Once you finish reading it, you will be sent a questionnaire of literally 8 questions.

When the book goes live on Oct. 1st, submit your honest reviews wherever you can, but preferably on Amazon, Goodreads, and your social media sites.

That’s it! Super simple!

Where Do I Sign Up?

I am so happy you want to join the ARC Reader list! Available spots are limited so get in while you can! Follow this link here, which will take you to a Wufoo form to fill out. I’ll see if we are a good fit for each other, and will reach out to you by Sunday, Sept. 18th to let you know if you will be receiving a link to this story! Join The ARC Team!

And that’s it! If you filled out the form above, I will be in contact with you shortly and get you all set up if we are a great fit!

Thank you so much! I look forward to sharing this story with you!

– Brittany Bowman


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